Monday, February 17, 2014

恭喜发财!GONG XI FA CAI!!!

On behalf of NTU CAC WUSHU, I would like to wish everyone a GOOD HORSOME YEAR AHEAD!

As usual, the month of Chinese New Year is always a busy year for NTU CAC Wushu! Definitely, it has not been easy for everyone trying to adapt the start of school work piling up, enjoying the festive mood of Chinese New Year and Valentines and yet committing in club's trainings, rehearsals and performances as well. We would like to applaud for the efforts of all NTU Wushu Warriors for making the commitment and sacrifices for the club, and also another round of applause for our Events Coordinator, Ken Ruixin for liasing with the organisers and the performers!!! :D

Without further ado, let's take a look back at the performances and events that NTU Wushu Warriors have taken part in for the past month!

 PRC Student Union CNY Performance at LKC

CNY Performance at Canopy K for NTU Chinese Society Event

CNY Performance for Nanyang Arts Festival
*Video to be uploaded soon*
Performance for Chinese Dance Concert
On the third day of CNY, the wushu warriors went to Coach He Jun's house to bai nian!
On a side note, our previous chairperson Annabelle Soh Hwee is featured on
It is a good start so far for NTU Wushu Warriors! We hope it is the same to you too!

Monday, January 13, 2014

CAC Halloween Members Night 2013 and Resorts World Sentosa Performance, NUS-NTU Exchange training, Club Bonding

Right after the competition, we had our last performance of the semester during CAC Halloween Members Night held at Hall 12!

After our exams, NTU performed at Resorts World Sentosa.
NUS-NTU Exchange training on the second-last day of 2013!!

Last but not least, One of the two Vice-Captains of our Wushu Team, Gladys Low Jia Jia,  is featured on NTU's HEY! Magazine!
Last week on 8th Janaury 2014, we had our club bonding sessions. First we headed down to Teo Heng Buona Vista for a K session and then we went to buy food for potluck session at Timothy's Hall!

ITE Invitational Wushu Championship 2013


Professor Lok, Director of NTU SAO who came down to support us!

Suhui's handwritten cards to all competitors to spur them on!

Timothy's double head spear.

Ruixin's Eagle Claw

Beatrice's Ti Lan Spear.

Yi Keng Tong Bei

Xiuxian's Baji

Suhui Fanzi.

Ronnie's Nine Section Whip.

Ruixin's double swords.

Timothy's Taiji.

Jiajia's Taiji.

Yi Keng double broadsword.

Anusha's Shaolin Broadsword

Shirley's Long Tassel Sword

Eric's Shaolin Broadsword

Timothy's Long Tassel Sword.

Samuel's Southern Fist.

Anusha's Chaquan

Shirley's Chaquan.

Jinxiang's Jiequan.

Xianghao's Huaquan.

Jiajia's Eagle Claw.

Kieng Wee's Praying mantis.

Chenghui's Cudgel

Zhongming's Southern Fist

Clement's Double Sword

Murphy's Baji.

Clement's Eagle Claw

The first time NTU sent two choreographed sparring teams!

Our Team Sword Event: Chen Shao, Timothy, Clement, Ruixin, Shirley and Suhui.

We had a mini celebration to thank everyone's hard efforts, especially our Coach He Jun, on the following Monday training, which was also the last training of this semester before everyone chiong for our studies!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Martial Arts Night 2013

This is the second time that NTU Wushu has been invited to this Martial Arts Event, at Bukit Batok East Point, which is graced by Mdm Halimah Yacob, MP for Jurong GRC.

Though our members had to train at Pasir Ris beforehand for upcoming IVP in 26th October, this did not stand as an obstacle for them to commit in this event!

So off we went happily to the venue taking 3 different transportations, chit-chatting all the way there!

Our members put up a good show and it was the first time that Soh Hwee was doing her role as a publicity officer head! Unfortunately, Yikeng was down with diarrhoea again at the venue and so he stepped down from a performer role to caretaker of their belongings as the rest put up an amazing performance and also Soh Hwee who was busy snapping away with photos!

Chenghui doing Wulang Bagua Cudgel.
Murphy doing shaolin cudgel.
Beatrice doing fanzi.
Anusha doing cha quan.
Eric doing shaolin broad sword.
Jin Xiang doing Jie Quan.
The rest of the photos are up here!